How To : Create a Standby using RMAN and Enable Dataguard broker in 12c

It’s been a while when i configure #Oracle #Dataguard, today i’ll be doing it in 12c for our production database.

Primary :
Standby :

sid : systemx
port : 1521


Resync Physical standby using RMAN Incremental backup

Just another day at the office, our production database has 2 physical standby and it lagging for more that 1000 archives.
the reason is the password was changed and the password file was not copied to standby.

below are the steps i did to resync the standby. for the first standby i tried to restore archive but its taking time .

– Primay and Standby filesystem is the same.
– Shared NFS is mounted on both server.

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Adding new physical standby database and apply incremental backup to sync

just another day in my work…
i will add another physical standby to our existing setup.

        Database Version :
	primary          :  FITS
	physical standby :  FITSDG
	physical standby :  FITSDG02 <<--- i will add this.

1. restore the cold backup from another standby.
canceled and shutdown the first standby database and copy all file to my another server. Continue reading