Recently we encountered issue on our 3 system using Group Replication.  we are running 5.7.19 for all 3 system.
All our read only nodes located in our second datacenter failed due to network issue between datacenter.


This member has more executed transactions than those present in the group

Group Replication is a new technology and from time to time we encounter issues.
Today my issue is the primary node server crash and it comes up again it didn’t join my cluster.
I logged in to the server manually start the group replication. but got and error. —>

How To : Setup MySQL Group Replication

MySQL Group Replication is a MySQL Server plugin that enables you to create elastic, highly-available, fault-tolerant replication topologies.

Groups can operate in a single-primary mode with automatic primary election, where only one server accepts updates at a time. Alternatively, for more advanced users, groups can be deployed in multi-primary mode, where all servers can accept updates, even if they are issued concurrently.

There is a built-in group membership service that keeps the view of the group consistent and available for all servers at any given point in time. Servers can leave and join the group and the view is updated accordingly. Sometimes servers can leave the group unexpectedly, in which case the failure detection mechanism detects this and notifies the group that the view has changed. This is all automatic.

As i prepare to roll out a 6 Node Group Replication in production, we are currently in the process of setting up our UAT environment.
It will be running 3 Node cluster.