How To : Recover the InnoDB Cluster from complete outage.

I’ve been playing with InnoDB cluster the whole weekend. on this post i’m trying to start my cluster from complete outage.

i don’t have idea which is the primary to bootstrap. using the manual way i know how to do it.
But now, i want to use MySQL Shell.

after shutdown all my 3 node then start it again. below is the current status. —>


How To : Creating an InnoDB Cluster From an Existing Group Replication Deployment

#MySQL #InnoDB cluster is a collection of products that work together to provide a complete High Availability solution for MySQL.
A group of MySQL servers can be configured to create a cluster using MySQL Shell.
In the default single-primary mode, the cluster of servers has a single read-write primary.
Multiple secondary servers are replicas of the primary.
Creating a cluster with at least three servers ensures a high availability cluster.
A client application is connected to the primary via MySQL Router.
If the primary fails, a secondary is automatically promoted to the role of primary,
and MySQL Router routes requests to the new primary.
Advanced users can also configure a cluster to have multiple-primaries.

On my previous post i already created my group replication, but to maximize the use feature of mysql router, we need a shell. —>